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Vocational Training

Mid Wales Dance Academy seeks to teach anyone who wishes to learn to dance to be the best they can, regardless of whether they attend purely for the pleasure of dancing, or whether they have ambitions to join the dance profession.

Students who wish to train to enter the dance profession need to be aware that it is a very demanding profession, and that the standard of professional dancers is higher than ever before.

MWDA believes that in order to have a chance of auditioning successfully for a full-time dance school, students need to be doing a minimum of three classes per week. We therefore offer an additional class to those dancers who have both the physical attibutes necessary to be a dancer, and the desire to train for this. This class is held in Brecon on Fridays, and is taught by Katy Sinnadurai.

Students interested in joining this class should contact us so that we can meet with both the students and their parents in order to discuss the possibility of enrolment.

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